Member Spotlight: PJ Kulick – CrossFit Bensalem
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Member Spotlight: PJ Kulick


Member Spotlight: PJ Kulick


CFB  How long have you been coming to CrossFit Bensalem and what got you started?

PJ – A little over a year.  I started Crossfit because I enjoyed the idea of optimizing my workouts and working out in a supportive group atmosphere.

CFB What did you think after your first WOD?

PJ – Not sure if I remember my exact first WOD but I can remember one of my first WODs at CFB having a ton of sit-ups and thinking to myself that my core needed a lot of work.

CFB Do you have a favorite song to workout to?

PJ – Ice Cube, Rancid, and Metallica Pandora stations are usually my go-tos.

CFB What is your favorite WOD or CrossFit movement?

PJ – I enjoy the mental and physical endurance challenge of Murph.  As far as movements go…Cleans and Deadlifts.

CFB What has CrossFit changed about your life?

PJ – It has broadened and regimented my workout routine giving me the confidence and encouragement needed to continually push the limits of my personal fitness goals.

CFB – What do you like to do when you’re not in the gym?

PJ – Brew beer, home improvements, and all sorts of repair and building projects.

CFB Something we might not know about you?

PJ – I play guitar.

CFB What is your 6 month goal?

PJ – Not sure if they are 6 month goals but it would be nice to finally get that elusive muscle-up and comfortably overhead squat/snatch.

CFB What would you say to someone who is new or considering starting CrossFit?

PJ – Crossfit isn’t as intimidating as it is sometimes made out to be…there are always ways to scale down exercises until your skill level increases and you can always substitute movements due to limitations.

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