10.6.14 – CrossFit Bensalem
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Our Grand Opening WOD & Party is happening Saturday Nov. 1st from 10AM-3PM if you are planning to participate in the WOD please let us know we’ll be starting a sing up sheet next week for members & nonmembers!

Today starts out 4 Week Pull Up Program. We’ll be adding these elements into the WOD classes twice a week. If you miss a day that this work is programmed the skills will be listed on the Foundations board as well. Please complete this work instead or the programmed Warm Up or Strength of that given class OR complete the work as extra work after class. We would like everyone to complete both days of the pull up program each week!


Warm Up

10 x 6 sec. pull up holds

(over hand grip, chin above the bar)


50 Ring Rows

(should be DIFFICULT)


12 min Clean ladder

*start at 65% of 1RM, adding 5% each minute until you max out. Once you’ve maxed drop down to the last completed weight for the remainder of the time.


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