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You Don’t Have to Workout First to Do CrossFit


You Don’t Have to Workout First to Do CrossFit

Last night I was on the phone with someone and the topic of me owning a CrossFit gym came up. What followed next, I hear all too often: I started working out 6 months ago but don’t know if I’m in good enough shape for CrossFit.

I get why this can be a misconception, but that’s exactly what it is.

A lot of what gets put up on social media are pictures and videos of people doing flashy moves like muscle-ups, handstand push-ups or putting a crazy amount of weight over their head. Not to mention .0001% of freak athletes that make it to the CrossFit Games.

The disconnect is that this is not the norm within affiliates, especially ours. Are there people that can do all those things above, sure. Are there people substituting ring rows and/or box dips for muscles ups, push-ups from their knees for handstand push-ups and doing Olympic lifts with PVC pipes, you betcha!

See the thing is, is that we don’t get better at something by not doing it and doing something different. We learn to get better at something by scaling down a movement to your current ability level and building up to the more challenging version.

You’ll never learn to swim if you don’t get in the pool. You’ll never learn to ride a bike if you don’t get on one.

And you’ll never be ready for CrossFit unless you walk through the door.

Stop doubting what you can do and just start doing!

We’ll take care of the rest.

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