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Why CFB? A Member’s Story


Why CFB? A Member’s Story

I got this great email last week from one of our members that I had to pass along.

Joe has been a member of CFB for over three and a half years. He shows up regularly, he always has a great attitude, wants to not only be helped but to help others. He’s seen amazing progress since he started, even recently dropping yet another size in his gym shorts. He’s truly an integral part of the CFB family tree and even recently jumped in front of the class and is helping members now reach their goals.

So to have received this email last week truly meant the world to me.

“The reason I love CFB is because of the awesome members and great gym owner. Let’s start off with the members; the different personalities in all walks of life make working out a different experience. In the past when I would go to the gym, you usually had two different types of people, the lifters, and the pretty people. Lifters would grunt and moan while lifting heavy weight and then you had the pretty people who just walked around checking themselves out in the mirror. At CFB, this is not the case you have people who work hard, give it their all, and just downright good people. In my opinion, this environment is optimal for training and having fun.
The second reason I love CFB is that the owner; Brandyn, is a normal down to earth guy who is more worried about making sure that people are reaching their goals and trying to be a fit as possible. Three years ago, before I started CFB, I went to other places that just didn’t care as much unless you had been there for years. At CFB, Brandyn has a way to push you past your limits whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned vet.”

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