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The Biggest Complaint We Hear About Globo Gyms


The Biggest Complaint We Hear About Globo Gyms

One of the most common obstacles that we hear during our No Sweat Intros is knowing what to do at the gym.

We’ve all been there, motivated and ready to start crushing our goals. Be they losing weight, gaining muscle, or training for a particular event.

You go to LA Fitness or Planet Fitness because you think they’re cheap and all gyms are the same, right?


See, we’ve also all been there when you walk through those doors staring at the machines, not really knowing what to do. So you walk over to the treadmill and stroll along for a few minutes while silently watching Judge Judy and listening to your headphones.

Then you maybe hit a few machines, without much of a plan, because there are already people on the leg machines you were planning on doing today. Then you hop on a stationary bike to cool down.

An hour or two later you walk out the door not really sure what you even accomplished having not really gotten a good workout in or even interacted with anyone.

We get it. You make decisions all day long. A training plan is just one more you have to make.

So let us do it for you!

At CrossFit, all you have to do is show up and do your best, we take care of the rest.

A coach leads you through the planned workout, helping to make sure you’re not only remaining safe and injury free, but also getting the best workout for you that day.

An hour later, you walk out the door knowing you got a great workout in, had some fun & maybe even made some friends doing it!

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