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Pushing Boundaries


Pushing Boundaries

This weekend we passed the halfway point of the CrossFit Open and our in-house Intramural Open.

Over the last three weeks, we’ve all pushed boundaries and exceeded our own expectations (more than once).

18.3 pushed those boundaries even further! For the first time, there were elements that some of us, myself included, could not complete. Muscle ups, double unders, pull-ups and overhead squats are challenging to say the least.

It’s what we take away from these challenging moments that allow us to continue to push our boundaries and progress.

They allow us to set GOALS!

Whether we achieved something we didn’t think we could or fell short, we are able to reevaluate where we’re at and where we need to go next.

It’s these moments that allow us to continue to move forward. Setting goals allow us to better understand the steps needed to accomplish them. Regularly evaluating them allows us to continue progressing.

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