Member Spotlight: Joe Henofer – CrossFit Bensalem
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Member Spotlight: Joe Henofer


Member Spotlight: Joe Henofer


It’s been a little while since our last member spotlight and who better to kick it back off with than Joe. Joe continuously is striving to get better, improve weaknesses & most of all supports those around him! Recently he competed in his first CrossFit competition and did so in the RX devision…awesome work!

CFBHow long have you been coming to CrossFit Bensalem and what got you started?

Joe – It will be a year and half this June.

CFB – What did you think after your first WOD?

Joe – After my first WOD I was like WOW this is awesome can I do another.

CFB – Do you have a favorite song to workout to?

Joe – Dropkick Murphy’s – I’m shipping up to Boston

CFB – What is your favorite WOD or CrossFit movement? And what would your dream WOD be if you could create one?

Joe – I would have to say it’s between the power clean and power snatch.  It would be a partner WOD, each person would perform each movement before going on to the next movement.

4rounds for time:

5 power cleans (125lb\155lb)

10 pull ups

50m run

5 rope climbs

10 power snatches (95lb\115lb)

50m run

CFB – What has CrossFit changed about your life?

Joe – It has changed the way I look at everyday challenges in my life. When doing Crossfit movements I challenge my body and mind which has prepared me to deal with everyday tasks that I come across in life.

CFB – What do you like to do when you’re not in the gym?

Joe – I like to hangout with my dog and explore the city.

CFB – Something we might not know about you?

Joe – I hope for one day to own a farm and live off the land.

CFB – What is your 6 month goal?

Joe – In the beginning of the year I wanted to lose 10lbs and lower my BMI.  It’s coming up on 6 months and I have lowered my BMI by10% and lost five pounds.  In the next 6 months I hope to lower my BMI even more and lose another five pounds.

CFB – What would you say to someone who is new or considering starting CrossFit?

Joe – The first month is not easy and at times can be mentally frustrating, but if you keep on coming and listen to coaches that mental frustration goes away and you will see great results.

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