Member Spotlight: Daniella Vala – CrossFit Bensalem
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Member Spotlight: Daniella Vala


Member Spotlight: Daniella Vala

Daniella has been a valuable member of the CFB family since joining in 2016. Taking part first in our 6 Week Challenge, she continued on into our group classes and hasn’t looked back! Her hard work both inside and outside of the gym is evident in everything she does. She has continued to strive for and achieve her goals, I have no doubt you’ll enjoy this month’s member spotlight as much as we did! Congrats Daniella and thank you for being such an amazing and inspirational part of the CFB fam!

CFB – Tell us a little bit of your background prior to joining CFB?

Daniella – Back when I was in high school I hit 200lb. At the beginning of my senior year, it hit me that this is no way to live. I looked like I was 30, but in reality I was 17 and I wanted to feel my age. I wanted to have more confidence. I wanted to feel like people weren’t looking at my weight but rather at me. I also was tired of shopping in the Women’s section for clothes. Size 16 at the age of 17 – talk about a wake-up call. So, I set out to lose the weight and to get healthier. I jump started my weight loss through Herbal Life. Did that for one month and exercised like crazy every day. I dropped 20lbs the first month. I felt great and with the progress and continued on my weight loss journey from there. My focus was clean eating and working out. I made it down to 130lbs. I loved being 130lbs, I finally felt thin… but to keep this weight, I had to exercise 2 hours or more a day and keep to a strict diet. I had to convince myself I wasn’t hungry and drink tons of water to try to stem the hunger pangs. This didn’t last long because I do enjoy food and I do enjoy cooking. Over the next several years, my workouts was mainly running and some light weight lifting in my backyard. While I do enjoy running, it did get old. Shortly thereafter I found Crossfit, and I’m here to stay with it!

CFB – What made you want to first give CrossFit a try?

Daniella – It never really crossed my mind to actually join a CrossFit gym of my own thought, but one day I saw the ad for CrossFit Bensalem on Facebook for a 6 week challenge. I was intrigued so I clicked on the ad and read through the details. I was very nervous because I had this impression that crossfitters are only athletes who can lift crazy weight, and are super strong and have amazing stamina. I decided to ignore this stereotype i had in my mind and just try it. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. Crossfit is like a drug, but a good one that improves your health and strength. It’s great for the mind too because if you have a lot of work stress, it’s the perfect place to unwind and de-stress.

CFB – How has CrossFit impacted that and your life outside of gym?

Daniella – For me, it really is a great way to de-stress from work.

CFB – What’s your favorite thing about CFB?

Daniella –  I really enjoy the small classes that we have because you get the one-on-one attention from the coaches and you also get to build really great relationships with the people you work out with. I feel like we’re this little tight-knit community and we’re super supportive of each other. I love that everyone’s attitude is very positive and everyone is very encouraging with each other.

CFB – What is one goal you have this year?

Daniella –  My #1 goal is to turn my almost pull up into an actual pull up and my #2 goal is to turn my almost handstand push-up into an actual push-up!

CFB – What is one piece of advice that you would give someone considering CrossFit Bensalem or a new CrossFit?

Daniella – Keep an open mind. Stay positive. Tell yourself you can, even if the workout requires modifying the movement. That is okay! Just try your hardest. You won’t regret it.

CFB – What do you see as your greatest improvement as well as some other results from doing CrossFit?

Daniella – Over the past 3 years, I have definitely gotten stronger as a result of CrossFit which is really exciting. Before I started I didn’t know what any of these movements are and so now to know what the movements are and to be able to do them at the RX weight is a feet for me. Now if only I could turn my almost pull up into an actual pull up, I will be very excited.

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