Member Spotlight 004: Marco Falzone – CrossFit Bensalem
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Member Spotlight 004: Marco Falzone


Member Spotlight 004: Marco Falzone


Marco (pronounced MARCOOO) has been a loyal member of CFB since we opened our doors last August. His always positive attitude and willingness to give his best every day is contagious every morning! It’s that spirit that makes Marco the perfect candidate for this month’s member spotlight.

CrossFit Bensalem: How long have you been coming to CrossFit Bensalem and what got you started?

Marco: In August will be 1 year. When I was in Italy I heard about CrossFit and the results that you can get from this sport so that’s what I started.

CFB: What did you think after your first WOD?

MF: I was sweating like crazy, my heart was ready to explode. My next thought was… I want start right now!!!

CFBDo you have a favorite song to workout to?

MF: I have 2: Recess – Skrillex & Deep orchestra tabata

CFB: What is your favorite WOD or CrossFit movement?

MF: Dead lift and plank

CFB: What has CrossFit changed about your life?

MF: A discipline that I never had before… I push myself out of the bed at 6 in the morning, and trust me some times I want to stay home and sleep, but I want to go out of my comfort zone because it’s only way to improve yourself.

CFB: What do you like to do when you’re not in the gym?

MF: Listen music and help people to reach their health and business goals.

CFB: What’s something we might not know about you?

MF: I’m a dreamer… And I think that everything is possible…!

CFB: What is your 6 month goal?

MF: Improve on the amount of WODs I can RX.

CFB: What would you say to someone who is new or considering starting CrossFit?

MF: If you want to change your body and you looking for the best and complete workout Crossfit is the answer.

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