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Is fear hold you back?


Is fear hold you back?

One of the greatest things about CrossFit is that it is constantly pushing you to achieve more.

As an athlete, this continues to give you something to strive for and get better at.

As a coach, it’s so amazing to see members continuing to achieve things they never thought possible.

It’s those achievements, those moments you see something click, that joy in someone’s smile, that walking a little taller feeling that really got me thinking.

What is the barrier between walking in the door of a CrossFit gym and achieving those moments of joy, happiness and boosted self-confidence?

The answer…fear.

Being content where you are without being truly happy is fear talking.

Fear of failure. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of happiness.

When we let fear take over we are really keeping ourselves from true happiness.

Think about things that have truly made you happy, I guarantee you that there was an element of pushing beyond your boundaries.

Step out of your comfort zone, I guarantee you will begin achieving things you once didn’t believe you could. Be it your first pull up, your first handstand, or lose those pesky last 10 pounds.

I urge you to continue to push yourself towards happiness and away from contentment.

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