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Enough Excuses: Why You Do Have Time for CrossFit


Enough Excuses: Why You Do Have Time for CrossFit

There are two excuses that I often hear as to why people aren’t taking steps to improve their health: time & money. 

I say that these are EXCUSES because they are just that. 

See, humans are creatures of comfort. So, when faced with pushing ourselves out of a comfort-zone our minds start creating excuses as to why it is easier to stay where we are. Our minds can be pretty convincing too, this is why things like sugar, drugs, caffeine, and alcohol are so powerful because they influence our brains.

Now you may be thinking, but Brandyn, I really don’t have the time or money to commit to CrossFit and improving my life. 

To that, I say B.S. Sorry if this is blunt, but these can be thrown right on that excuse pile with the rest of the things you’ve told yourself about how you are actually fine where you’re at. 

Let me explain.

First I’ll address time. I get it we all lead busy lives, between our families, work, school, friends and social lives we are busy bees. Personally, I run a business, coach 25 plus hours worth of classes a week, am enrolled in a Masters Program at Drexel and have a family of my own. So trust me, I get it! 

However, are you really telling me that you cannot take one hour to go to the gym each day if it meant improving your life and extending it years in the end? See we all run around like chickens with our heads cut off not realizing that the time we don’t invest now, will be the time we LOSE in the future. Do you want you your later years to be riddled with disease and not being able to wipe your own butt? You may think I’m being dramatic but the entire point of CrossFit is maintaining functionality. 

What is all of this time spent packing our days with endless amounts of nonsense if we aren’t able to actually enjoy it! 

Still not convinced you can make time? Do me a favor, go into the usage settings in your phone (yes the one you’re reading this on…you can come back) and tell me how much time you spend browsing Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and any other social media or gaming app. 

I bet when you’re unable to play with your grandchildren you won’t be wishing you had spent more time watching cat videos. 

I know this may be harsh, but this is the reality and trust me, our brains are just as vicious in their efforts to stop us from change. 

I am writing this series (I’ll get to why I don’t buy your “I can’t afford CrossFit excuse tomorrow”) because I am begging you wake up, I’m begging you to live, and to live the best and longest life possible. 

Make time for you, because if you don’t you won’t have it. 

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– Coach Brandyn

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