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Cutting through the Nutrition Noise


Cutting through the Nutrition Noise

Last week, I heard a member talking about not knowing what to eat.

With information circulating at rapid speeds these days, it’s no wonder it’s difficult to know what is right for you. Right now, keto is the hot trend, before that Paleo and before that Zone.

With the ever-changing trends in nutrition information, it’s undoubtedly difficult to know what you should be eating.

There are several issues with dieting trends, the two biggest are: they are often restrictive, and they are not customized to individual goals.

Diets such as paleo and keto are elimination style protocols. This means taking out one or more foods from your diet, completely. While elimination style diets can be effective in the short-term, they are often difficult to stick with for the long haul.

The other issue is that these diets lay out a general standard of what to eat and not eat. They are no customized to individual needs or goals. This is also important to adherence, as success often precedes motivation.

Approaching nutrition from a more individualized approach not allows for a less restrictive diet but also ensures you’re working towards your goals.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, add muscle or simply work on your body composition, nutrition plays a huge role!

There’s a reason that nutrition is on the bottom of our fitness period. Without properly fueling your body, we are building our fitness on a weak foundation. Would you build your dream house on an unstable and weak foundation?

Nutrition, at its core, is not complicated, it’s noisy. Sitting down with a coach to discuss your individual goals and a nutrition plan to begin stabilizing that foundation is key.

Cut through the noise and carve out a path to your goals!

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