About Us

What We Do:

At CrossFit Bensalem we focus on you and your goals.  Whether you want to lose weight, gain mass, be stronger, faster, leaner, etc we will cater your workouts to fit that goal.  We guide those who want to lose weight to always go lighter and faster and guide those who are looking to put on mass to go heavier.  We truly want to improve your quality of life.

How it works:

What does a typical class look like? Each class is one hour in length and is very structured as follows…..

5:00 – Overview of the whole hour and answer any questions about the workout

5:02 – 5:10  Dynamic warm-up done as a group

5:10 – 5:25  Quick in detail explanation then the strength/skill work

5:25 – 5:35  Explanation and set-up for the conditioning workout. Here each individual is assure 60-90 seconds of 1-1 time to make sure they fully understand the workout format and can perform the movements safely with a comfortable weight.

5:35 – 5:50  Condition workout

5:50 – 6:00  Equipment breakdown and clean-up followed by recovery (foam rolling and stretching.)

Our Mission:

We promise to provide a professional and fun environment with a staff of knowledgeable and caring coaches who truly want to make you better every day. We believe we can help everyone reach the goals they desire.